Maximum precision for sport regularity. Adjustments to the tenth.

Difficult, fast, demanding and above all accurate. Such are the sport regularity rallies. Their special features need special systems and methodology if you want to be in front.

Rallymeter has no rival in defining and exploiting these peculiarities. Designed for precision but also for unloading the co-pilot of superfluous tasks when in many occasions he has to help the pilot with speed notes.

Rallymeter allows you to:

  • Simple change in seconds of the time of stage departure in case of modification (quite usual).
    Add as many averages as you need (up to 999).
  • Up to 999 references (with or without photo) that allow us to be recorded during the stage training to maintain the correct distance when we are in competition and we have to trace to either side to reach the required speed.
  • “GET REFS” mode for training that allows us to record references without stopping or having to annotate manually. They are recorded inside the section for later use (from v8.5).
  • Possibility of sending the recorded references and/or stages by email or share with other Rallymeter systems (optional).
  • Countdown in seconds and tenths for passage through references.
  • Add distance manually simply.
  • Pilot screen (optional) for average control without the need for the co-pilot to work on it.
  • Define the distance or delay/advance time for color change so that the pilot does not need to look at the screen to know if he is ahead or behind. When we go fast we may not have time to look nor the own pilot screen.
  • Use of up to four calibrations for different types of sections with indication of distance added or subtracted from initial calibration. Highly recommended in RS since the calibration to be used can be very different depending on the difficulty of the section.
  • Ability to freeze the measurement to check references.
  • Counter of partial distance.
  • Manual adjustment of distance at any time.

And much more…

We are by your side

Rallymeter cares about its customers. Listen to opinions for possible improvements and overcome in each version (updates without extra charge) to be always up to date.

Support and customer service, we are regularity people, we know what it is to win, lose, fight and learn. We care about your doubts.